Welcome lovely peps – delicious cookies are on the menu

My first blog! I know the blogs are passe and who is already in it, well done, who is not, you shouldn’t start now.  BUT here I am thinking I have all this lovely recepies and my cake photos and it would be shame not to share them with you.
So I will start with my lovely butterfly cookies I have made several times. They look amazing and they taste good too. Very easy to make, decorating them is good fun. This is what I am passionate about – the taste and looks! So here there are my lovely cool butterflies….


Heat the oven to 190C.

Cream butter and sugar + beat in egg, add almond extract and add flour. Simple as that.

Roll it to 1cm thickness.  Use any cookie cutters you have – I quite often use butterfly ones or heart shape cutters. They are easy to decorate and look amazing.

Line a baking sheet with baking paper. bake cookies for 8-12 min.

Once finished, leave them in the tray for about 5 min and then transfer them to rack to cool. They are now ready to decorate.

I usually prepare icing in a different bowls and I add various colours in each so that is easy to use when decorating. Basic icing is prepared by adding icing sugar +water and colour. To be honest I do not use any specific measurements when making the icing. First put icing sugar in a bowl (around 200gr) and slowly add water. Mix it and you can see whether is it too runny or too tick. Add few drops of colour, again depending whether you want stronger or lighter colour, add less or more drops.
Sometimes, I cut various  small shapes of  royal icing and add them to the cookie (see heart shaped cookies I made earlier). You can really do what ever you want – there is no limit to the decorating!
Butterfly cookiesHeart cookieButterfly cookie

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