Macarons perfect macarons

My excitement had no end. I finally managed to make perfect macarons with the help if my friend Neil and our teacher Edd Kimber. Yes, Edd who has won  first series of the  Great British Bake Off. Very sweet and down to earth Edd was there every step of the way to show us how to master the technique of this seriously delicious sweets.  Neil and I were working together, while one was mixing, other was pouring and we managed, somehow, to make this delicious, light pink macarons. Firm on the outside, soft in the inside, melting in our mouths with a pleasant surprise of popping candy secretly put in ganache! Clever, Edd, clever!
There are so many recipes out there and I tried so many and no success. This one, seems so easy. I will now try to make it at home and if successful I will share it with you guys! I have already ordered some cool gel colours to add to my batter and once they arrive, I am all ready to start.  This is just s start of my adventures with macarons….watch this space. In the meantime, see some photos from our class.
Westminster-20130523-00534   Neil is preparing sugar syrup. He is carefully checking temperature, we are looking at 118C.
Westminster-20130523-00536 Pipping butter on the grease proof paper. Not sure if that is the right technique but the results were OK.
Westminster-20130523-00538      Westminster-20130523-00542    Westminster-20130523-00544

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