Here’s Breakfast.. What’s for Lunch?

Love this you tube video on breakfast around the world


Good Morning…  What did you have for breakfast? 🙂

Breakfast is a meal that “breaks” the “fast” of a period of time (night time) where the body receives no food for fuel. As the period without food is usually during sleep. Therefore, the time when we generally “break” the “fast” is in the morning when we wake. Breakfast helps to jumpstart metabolism. Metabolism is the engine in your body that controls how your body uses energy through the day. It is especially important for the brain to have energy for thinking and learning.

Here’s what people around the world have for breakfast, well according to  BuzzFeedYellow

Eating breakfast has been significantly associated with better concentration and focus, as well as improved weight. ‘Feed your eyes’ with these photos of a popular African breakfast – Yam and Eggs. Pictures courtesy the Afropolitan Chef

and here’s the recipe for ‘Yam and Eggs’

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2 thoughts on “Here’s Breakfast.. What’s for Lunch?

  1. Good Morning. This comment doesn’t pertain to the above post. However, I saw your question in the help forum about related articles not appearing while writing a blog post. I have the same issue. Did you ever get this resolved? I would love to know how to get them back as well. I love giving shout outs to other bloggers. And by the way, your desserts look amazing. 🙂

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