Closure of 2014 – what I learned and what I baked

It is always sad to see the end of  the year but at the same time very exciting as you do not know what will next one bring! I am very much looking forward to a new 2015 and the challenges that it will bring. However I am ready to embrace it with the open arms and a smile as I learned some much in 2014 that I will cherish and take it with me. Through our amazing and fabulous Camden Clandestine Cake Club I met so many new friends and I baked so many new cakes and treats which I also shared with you. I attempted  my first Christening cake for my gorgeous niece Dunja (which means Quince and certainly a fruit that was not as used here as it should be with a distinguish flavour and taste). I also hosted my birthday party for my friends who were spoiled with a choice of macarons, Strawberry and Rose Dome Cake, Easter pastry carrots, Date and walnut cupcakes and many other yummy things. I also made 12 different cakes representing each month in 2014 for our club.

2014-08-08 14.58.55

Dunja’s christening cake

2014-04-19 17.58.04

My birthday party

2014-04-19 12.42.33

Dates and walnut cupcakes

2014-04-19 18.00.00

Pastry carrots

I learned, like my friend Fiona that you should never put the iced cake in the fridge as the icing will melt! Lessons learnt! I also learned to leave your cake in the tin once its baked – do not take it out immediately. Leave it to rest. That does not goes for macarons that should be removed from the parchment paper the same moment you take it out of the oven!

This is how my year went…


Small proja

Serbian corn bread – proja


2014-02-08 21.47.14

Hidden heart



Rosemary and sea salt foccacia


2013-11-18 18.35.55

Chocolate brownie cake with peanut butter frosting


2014-05-18 19.10.34

Conchita Wurst cake


2014-06-23 17.41.44 (1)

Key lime and berry sponge cake


2014-07-28 18.36.01 (1)

Savoury basket


2014-02-25 22.19.35

Reform torte for my friend’s birthday party


2014-08-17 17.36.00

Because you are mine I walk the line


Delicious roasted crunchy hazelnuts - excellent for garnish

Pumpkin spice cake with coconut vanilla icing


2014-10-26 17.00.07

Apple and walnut cake with caramel frosting


Gingerbread Cottage

Gingerbread Cottage

You can read most of the recipes on my previous posts. I am sure that 2015 will bring a lot more and exciting bakes. Until then

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lots of love and kisses



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