Extremely fresh and zesty chicken Thai salad

First time I went to Thailand, and tried their local cuisine, I knew that my new love for Thai food will last for a long time. You have to see my face when I first tried Wing Bean Salad which stayed my favorite salad until today. Sadly no restaurants in the UK prepare this salad […]

West African favourite dish: Palava sauce (spinach, prawns and fish stew)

Recently I’ve been experimenting with the World cuisine especially dishes from West Africa. Everybody is always talking about jollow rice  – popular dish in many parts of West Africa. It is so popular that everybody is fighting as to where this dish originated from. Some say it is Nigerian, some Ghanian and some Sierra Leonean. I […]

Proja – golden cheese corn bread with gherkins, sun dried tomatoes and peppers

This is another winner for all sort of occasions. Traditional Serbian corn bread that can be transformed into a rich and colourful savoury cake as well as the delicious and easy- to- make entrée. Proja is a favourite dish of many different nations across Balkans. Usually you would only use cheese however I also  added […]