My first ever wedding cake

When my friend asked me to do her wedding cake, I was jumping up and down with excitement and joy. I never baked a wedding cake before, but secretly always wanted to. Luckily I started the whole process in advance as wanted to plan every single detail throughout this journey. There was a moment when […]

Closure of 2014 – what I learned and what I baked

It is always sad to see the end of  the year but at the same time very exciting as you do not know what will next one bring! I am very much looking forward to a new 2015 and the challenges that it will bring. However I am ready to embrace it with the open […]

Magic Rabbit on a chocolate brownie cake with peanut butter frosting

This is ideal cake to make for Easter. The pink rabbit only brings the magic with it for Easter. Although I made it for Christmas as well, and instead of Rabbit added only gold dust. The cake is very rich and dense but extremely delicious. There is nothing not to like, chocolate brownie and peanut […]

Reform Torte – revolutionary chocolate layered cake

I choose to make this cake when I was invited to my friend’s surprise birthday party. My friend whose birthday I was invited to is intolerant to gluten. I searched the web and various cookery books to find some delicious gluten free recipe and to be honest all the recipes seems to be very dry and not that appealing. Then I remembered that […]